Birdog Ultra News and Downloads


Thank you for purchasing the Birdog Ultra.   You now have a meter with a rechargeable Lithium battery.  With this lithium battery you can power two of the most power hungry LNBs in the market, WildBlue and DirecTv SWM, without the need for any optional equipment.

WildBlue                                                 August, 2015

The WB1 and Anik F2 files for original WildBlue dishes have all been updated and are now locking. 
Updates for these files are happening quite frequently so please check this page for a list of recent updates.

The custom carrier parameters are listed below to manually enter that update from the field before you have a chance to do a new download 
(Additional WildBlue custom carrier files have been added to the WildBlue list.)

Recent WB1/AF2 file updates (and custom carrier info):  

11/17/15:    Beam 25A  Symbol rate changed to 15m
10/28/15:    Beam 124A  Symbol rate changed to 22.5
10/21/15:    Beam 27A    Symbol rate changed to 15
10/20/15:    Beam 111A   Symbol rate changed to 15
10/08/15:    Beam 118A    Symbol rate changed to 22.5
09/30/15:    Beam 40A       Symbol rate changed to 15
09/16/15:    ABeam 113A    Symbol rate changted to 22.5
08/20/15:    Beam 126A:  LNB: 21000; carrier:  19651; symb:  22500; FEC:  Auto; LNB:  30V; IQ:  Auto
08/2715:     Beam 44A:   21000; 19642; 15000; FEC:  QPSK 2/3; LNB:  30V; IQ:  Auto
09/01/15:    Beam 122A:  21000; 19643; 15000; QPSK 2/3; 30V; Auto
09/16/15:    Beam 113A:  21000; 19901; 22500; QPSK 2/3; 30V; Auto
09/30/15:    Beam 40A:    21000; 19768; 15000; QPSK 2/3; 30V; Auto
10/08/15:    Beam 118A:   21000; 19651; 22500; QPSK 2/3; 30V; Auto    
10/20/15:    Beam 111A:   21000; 19955; 15000; QPSK 2/3; 30V; Auto

Ultra Downloads Here :

Do not attempt to download any version Birdog other than the Ultra on this page.
All Birdogs other than the Ultra must use the 'Configure' or 'Preconfigure page for downloads.

The file capacity of the Birdog Ultra is much greater than any previous version Birdog and as such it has it's own download page, available here

There are 5 Options available on the download page:
Option 1 - Super List download (see chart at bottom of this page for a list of satellites in this list).
Option 2 - Install different predefined lists in the 4 List locations of the Ultra.
Option 3 - Compose your own list of satellite files or add to predefined lists.
Option 4 - Create an account to store your satellite lists (Optional).
Option 5 - Download an updated zip code file. 

Problems with Internet Explorer 10?               

If IE10 makes your download page looked jumbled, go into the compatibility feature by selecting the icon that looks like a torn page.  If that icon does not appear, bring up the tools bar by selecting ALT, then Tools, then Compatibility view settings and add  This will fix the issue.


Dishnetwork Files                                    March 29, 2016

Files in the DishNetWork group have been updated.
The Hidden tranponders in DishNetWork group have also been updated and can be used to show signal strength on most of the 110/119/129 transponders.

A file has been added to Option 2 download page named:  DishNet WA.
This file is for the Western Arc (110/119/129) and should be used for those satellites.

There are also 3 files at the very bottom of Option 3 on the Ultra download page:  DishPro 119, DishPro 110 and DishPro 129, in addition to WA files that can be downloaded.

If still have problems, use the below custom carrier parameters.
Remember to use Diseqc A for 119 & B for 110:

            For 119:   (DVB-S)    For 110:  (Turbo)
LNB        11.25                     11.25
Carrier:   12253                    12282
symb:     20000                    21491
FEC:       7/8                        8  2/3
LNB:       13V                        13V
IQ:         Norm                      Norm

See Note below regarding Hidden Transponders.  You can use this feature with the Dishnetwork group from Option 2 to also lock on different transponders from satellites 110, 119 & 129.

Hidden Transponders                                        
Holding down the left & right arrow at same time will bring up any hidden transponders to your list.  If you have the DirecTV group loaded into your meter, you can see the individual transponders for the satellites by pressing left & right arrow at same time.  Powering the meter off will again hide the transopnders.

DishNetwork 1000.2 East LNB            

DishNetWork now has a dish called 1000.2 East that looks at 61.5  72.7 satellites only.  Two new files have been created for downloading, called "DishNet .2E 61.5"  and "DishNet .2E 72.7".  These files will lock and will switch the LNB correctly.  The previous 1000.4 East files will still lock normally on the 1000.4 East dish, but if using those files on the 1000.2 East dish, you have to manually select Diseqc A for 72.7 and Diseqc B for 61.5.

Orientation Feature   (Pointing Parameters)         

When Using the Orientation feature to look up Skew pointing parameters for various zip codes, the following applies:

DirecTV        - use 'Skew (B)"
DishNetwork - Add or subtract as indicated  "Skew (A)" to 90 degrees.

DirecTv 99 & 103 Files                    
"Ka DTV  99 RF NL" (No Lock) and  "Ka DTV 103 RF NL" (No Lock) files have been added to the Ultra download page.  These files will not lock on 99/103 but will show RF strength.

NOTE  -  These files are for info puposes only and are NOT to be construed as a substitute for the required dithering of every Ka/Ku dish.

Current Firmware                             
To check the firmware version in your Ultra:  with meter off press the OFF button, then scroll down to the third line from the bottom.  (Between 'Azimuth' and 'DPD' lines)

Load the Ultra firmware first, then the zippostcodeloader.

Firmware (exe):   BirDog_ULTRA_Upgrade_21Ua-0006.exe

Firmware (zip):

Zip and Postal
Code Loader:

The firmware 2,1Ua-0006 is the latest factory revision and continues to improve Ultra memory and diseqc switching (ie:  used for Dishnetwork).
The zippostcodeloader has also been updated and must be downloaded also.

NOTE - Load the 21Ua-0006 firmware before loading the zippostcodeloader.  After loading the Ultra may display "Low Battery", if so then connect to charger for 10 minutes.

Additional Features of the Birdog Ultra

While the Birdog Ultra is still user friendly and performs it's basic functions similar to previous models, the Ultra also has many additional features:
  • Voltage Measurement - Shows voltage supplied to the LNBF and current being drawn
  • Multi-Rate Technology - Will lock on dynamic/adaptive modulation like WildBlue
  • Expanded Modulation - Will lock on Digicipher II, 8PSK, QPSK, Turbo
  • Zip Code Lookup - The 'Orientation' feature gives you dish pointing parameters 
  • LNB Drift - Measure frequency deviation or 'drift' of the LNB
  • Five Point Scan - Scan 5 transponders at once with pass/fail indication
  • More RF Level Scales - now measures in dBuV, dBm, dBmV
  • Replaceable Connectors - F connectors are field replaceable
  • Lithium Battery - All in one power solution for WildBlue, DirecTv SWiM, DishNetWork
The Ultra has the above features plus many others such as increased file capacity, 256 vs 64; more robust data logger; better carry case, etc.

Ultra Manual - Available on the 'Manual' page of this website.

Data Logger

Data logger file.
Data Logger (ZIP)

DishNetWork       Legacy LNBs for 110/119     (Posted 10/27/2009)
For Dish 119 with a legacy LNB, use TPs (transponders) 13, 15 or 21
For Dish 110 with a legacy LNB, use TPs   11 or 15

Recent File Updates: 

125W      AMC21     KH             Revised 02/01/2016
91W       G17       KV & KH        Revised 01/26/2016
89W       G28       KV & KH        Revised 01/26/2016
93W       G25       KV               Revised 12/01/2015
125W     AMC21    KH              Revised 10/30/2015
123W     G18        KV & KH       Revised 10/30/2015
91W       G17       KH               Revised 09/28/2015
119W     Dishnet  *New           Added 08/27/2015
110W     Dishnet  *New           Added 08/272015

101W     SES-1       KH            Revised 08/27/2015
119W     Dishnetwork              Revised 08/21/2015

Super List:

The preconfigured ( Super List ) contained in the Ultra is composed of 4 distinct predefined lists

(1) DirecTv / WB (2) Specific (3) Standard  (4)Custom
Red Cross Galaxy 18 Dish Pro 110 DVB (4)
KH GC3 95 Skyway AMC15 Dish Pro 119 DSS (4)
KH G3C 5 Point Scan Skyway SES 1 Dishnet 129 Turbo (4)
Ka/Ku 3G 101 USA Mobility 127     Dishnet 118.7 DCII (4)
Ka/Ku 3G 119 Niasat 127 Dishnet 61.5 Wild Blue (1)
SWM101 Viasat 127 Dishnet 72.7 Xplornet (1)
SWM119 DMX G25 Dishnet 77
SWM Dual Display DMX G26 ShawDirect Anik F1
SWM Histogram GTech G17 ShawDirect Anik F2
WildBlue  WB1 GTech Gilat SES 1 HughesNet Sats:  72, 74, 83, 87, 89, 91, 93
WildBlue Anik F2 GTech Hughes SES 1 95, 99, 113, 117, 127
Bloomberg NSS-806 Xplornet Anik F2 & F3
Bell TV 82 & 91   
Starband SES 1, AMC6, G27