Preconfigured Downloads

NOTE - The Preconfigured list which contains DishNetWork Western Arc is not updated at the present time, use the Configure page to download files for Western Arc (110, 119, 129)                   March 24, 2016

  Standard Preconfigure File                                      Updated Sep 18, 2015  
ID Title Type Link
1 This is an exe file EXE Preconfig.exe
1 This is a zip file ZIP

Both the above files contain the factory default menu list of satellites:

AMC6 @ 72W                                        DishNet 61.5W (.2 & .4)
AMC9 @ 83W                                        DishNet  72.7W (RF Only
SES2  @ 87W                                        DishNet  77W   
G28   @ 89W                                         DishPro 110W
G17  @ 91W                                          DishPro 119W
G25  @ 93W                                          DishNet 129W
G3C  @ 95W                                          DTV Ka/Ku 101W
G16  @ 99W                                         DTV Ka/Ku 119W                                             
SM6  @ 113W                                        DTV SWM 101W 
SM8  @ 116.8W                                     DTV SWM 119W
G18  @ 123W                                        DTV SWM Histogram      ****
Hor 1 @ 127W                                       DTV SWM Dual Display   ****
                                                               DTV Ka 99  (RF Only)
                                                              DTV Ka 103 (RF Only)

****  Note:  Non-USB version Birdog meters can only hold 32 files, the DTV Histogram, DTV SWM 101/119 Dual Display, and the 99/103 files are numbers 33 thru 36 on the preconfigured list, so they will only load into USB/USB Plus Birdog meters.
 The Histogram and DTV SWM 101/119 dual files will only work in USB Plus version.

DirecTv Preconfigure File                               Updated Sep 18, 2015

ID Title Type Link
1 This is an exe file EXE DirecTv.exe
1 This is a zip file ZIP

The above loads labeled "DirecTv" contain only the following Satellite files:

KH Galaxy3C   95W
DTV Ka/Ku & 3G 101W
DTV Ka/Ku & 3G 119W
DTV SWM Histogram      ****
DTV SWM Dual Display   ****
DTV Ka 99W  (RF Only, will not lock)
DTV Ka 103W (RF Only, will not lock)

**** DTV SWM Histogram and DTV SWM Dual Display will only work in Birdog V4 USB Plus model

DishNetWork Preconfigure File                                         Updated Sep 18, 2015 
ID Title Type Link
1 This is an exe file EXE DishNetWork.exe
1 This is a zip file ZIP

The above loads labeled "DishNetWork" contain only the following Satellite files:

BL Dishnetwork   61.5W  (.2 & .4) Dish
BR Dishnetwork   72.7W   (RF Only)
BL Dishnetwork     77W    
SuperDish            105W
DishPro                110W
DishPro                119W
BR Dishnetwork   129W
BR Dish500+        118.7W  (10.75GHz)
BR DishNetwork   110W
BL DishNetWork   119W
SuperDish            121W
BR DishNetwork   148W

Please note that the settings and lists downloadable from this site will work only in BirDog meters sold by Perfect-10 Satellite Distributing, USA. The data is unusable in similar meters purchased elsewhere AND the upload will result in a disabled meter.