Preconfigured Downloads

  Standard Preconfigure File                                      Updated Sep 18, 2015  
ID Title Type Link
1 This is an exe file EXE Preconfig.exe
1 This is a zip file ZIP

Both the above files contain the factory default menu list of satellites:

AMC6 @ 72W                                        DishNet 61.5W (.2 & .4)
AMC9 @ 83W                                        DishNet  72.7W (RF Only
SES2  @ 87W                                        DishNet  77W   
G28   @ 89W                                         DishPro 110W
G17  @ 91W                                          DishPro 119W
G25  @ 93W                                          DishNet 129W
G3C  @ 95W                                          DTV Ka/Ku 101W
G16  @ 99W                                         DTV Ka/Ku 119W                                             
SM6  @ 113W                                        DTV SWM 101W 
SM8  @ 116.8W                                     DTV SWM 119W
G18  @ 123W                                        DTV SWM Histogram      ****
Hor 1 @ 127W                                       DTV SWM Dual Display   ****
                                                               DTV Ka 99  (RF Only)
                                                              DTV Ka 103 (RF Only)

****  Note:  Non-USB version Birdog meters can only hold 32 files, the DTV Histogram, DTV SWM 101/119 Dual Display, and the 99/103 files are numbers 33 thru 36 on the preconfigured list, so they will only load into USB/USB Plus Birdog meters.
 The Histogram and DTV SWM 101/119 dual files will only work in USB Plus version.

DirecTv Preconfigure File                               Updated Sep 18, 2015

ID Title Type Link
1 This is an exe file EXE DirecTv.exe
1 This is a zip file ZIP

The above loads labeled "DirecTv" contain only the following Satellite files:

KH Galaxy3C   95W
DTV Ka/Ku & 3G 101W
DTV Ka/Ku & 3G 119W
DTV SWM Histogram      ****
DTV SWM Dual Display   ****
DTV Ka 99W  (RF Only, will not lock)
DTV Ka 103W (RF Only, will not lock)

**** DTV SWM Histogram and DTV SWM Dual Display will only work in Birdog V4 USB Plus model

DishNetWork Preconfigure File                                         Updated Sep 18, 2015 
ID Title Type Link
1 This is an exe file EXE DishNetWork.exe
1 This is a zip file ZIP

The above loads labeled "DishNetWork" contain only the following Satellite files:

BL Dishnetwork   61.5W  (.2 & .4) Dish
BR Dishnetwork   72.7W   (RF Only)
BL Dishnetwork     77W    
SuperDish            105W
DishPro                110W
DishPro                119W
BR Dishnetwork   129W
BR Dish500+        118.7W  (10.75GHz)
BR DishNetwork   110W
BL DishNetWork   119W
SuperDish            121W
BR DishNetwork   148W

Please note that the settings and lists downloadable from this site will work only in BirDog meters sold by Perfect-10 Satellite Distributing, USA. The data is unusable in similar meters purchased elsewhere AND the upload will result in a disabled meter.