Echostar 9 @ 121W   June 18, 2012
The KH Starband Echo-9 121West file has been updated. 



Installing StarBand Systems Using the Birdog


StarBand systems have a single polarity LNB: they can be set for either horizontal or vertical polarization by rotating the receiver LNB (or polarizer) on the mounting arm but will not select the polarity based on the LNB supply voltage of 13 or 18 volts like most other systems. For this reason, when you configure the Birdog, you need to download both polarities (V&H) for the satellite listed as K V StarBand G27 129 West and K H StarBand G27 129 West. You also need to download the satellte listed as K H StarBand AMC4 101 West.

Because StarBand always references the VSAT’s transmit polarization to specify the polarization for each assignment, the StarBand polarization may be opposite of the receive polarization used in satellite charts such as LyngSat. The VSAT’s transmit polarization is set to the assigned polarization by rotating the 75E polarizer such that the "H" or "V" mark points to "0" on the polarizer scale. Therefore, an "H" setting on the 75E antenna will provide a horizontal transmit and vertical receive polarization and a "V" setting will provide a vertical transmit and horizontal receive polarization.

The "K V StarBand G27 129 West" and "K H StarBand G27 129 West" configuration options for the Birdog correspond to the site parameters (satellite assignment and VSAT transmit polarity) obtained from the StarBand CVACS (Consumer VSAT Automated Commissioning System).

If you receive from CVACS:
A vertical assignment for G27, use the "K V StarBand G27" option displayed on the Birdog.
A horizontal assignment for G27, use the "K H StarBand G27" option displayed on the Birdog.
A horizontal assignment for AMC-4, use the "K H StarBand AMC4" option displayed on the Birdog.

Note: StarBand only uses a horizontal (H) transmit polarity for AMC-4 (formerly GE-4).

Instructions For Use:

StarBand is a registered trademark of StarBand Communications Inc. Perfect-10 is solely responsible for the performance of the Birdog satellite finder. Use of the Birdog for StarBand installations does not imply StarBand endorsement.